Keynote speakers

Steve Kennett

Steve Kennett served 23 in the Royal Air Force, he specialised in Data communications, Cryptography & Data protection (cyber and Information security).

On Leaving the RAF Steve held senior positions at Kingston Communications and Centrica where he had responsibilities for the Data & IP networks responsible for all aspects of IP and ISP operations, design & strategic management and at Ofcom he was Head of Spectrum Services responsible for all aspects of Enforcement & Interference policy. Steve was part of the successful Ofcom Olympics Spectrum
Delivery team responsible for keeping the Spectrum for the London 2012 Games free from Interference.

Steve is currently the Security Director and SIRO responsible for Jisc’s response to the increasing cyber security threat, providing leadership for the development of the cyber security strategy and policy to ensure that an extensive programme of enhanced cyber security services and initiatives is maintained that protect the network and meets the needs of Jisc’s members and customers whilst maintaining a high level of cyber security across the Janet network and other Jisc services.


Keynote Address - Jisc’s Active Cyber Defence

By 2021 UK education and research organisations will be more cyber resilient, better able to respond to security incidents and can demonstrate an increased cyber security posture to enable the UK’s education and research sector to be the most digitally advanced in the world. In the |Jisc Cyber Security Division we work to protect the UK National Research & Education Network (NREN) Janet Network and connected organisations.

The Jisc Cyber Security Divisions mission is to safeguard the current and future network and information security of the Janet network and of our members’ networks, creating a secure environment for organisations and their users to conduct innovative online activities. To do this we will continue to develop and refine products and services to help support an institution’s cyber security policy and to ensure continuity of business and we will continue to invest in shared services to protect the education and research sector.

Since our first security strategy was published in 2015 there have been many developments at both Government and international levels, and the current updated strategy now reflects the UK National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021. The way Jisc delivers cyber security has changed considerably to reflect the ever-changing security landscape. The types of threats are continually evolving, and as funding changes within the UK education and research sector Jisc will need to be more agile and innovative about how we work with the UK academic and research sector to address cyber security threats. Our three main objectives to Defend, Deter, Develop continue to help us build upon and improve our capabilities.

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