Cyber resilience 101: Prepare. Respond. Recover.

Organisations have put significant amount of security measures in place to prevent security threats. However, with these attacks becoming more sophisticated and harder to identify, the risk remains that your organisation may face an attack that could interrupt operations. 

Cyber resilience helps you prepare for potential cyber events that you could face, by having processes and workflows that you can follow in the event of an attack. A cyber resilience strategy is developed in a collaborative process as all aspects of your organisation must be considered to better manage security threats and vulnerabilities. By having everyone on board and being aware of what will happen should a cyber event occur,  will allow you to recover more quickly and continue delivering outcomes no matter what your organisation faces.

This year’s Cyber Security Symposium Africa is aimed at assisting and providing guidance to higher education institutions, companies and the public sector on how to become cyber resilient.

Join us in-person at CSSA 2024.

We are pleased to announce that CSSA 2024 will once again take place at the University of Cape Town.
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14 - 15 October




Middle Campus, University of Cape Town

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