CSSA 2023 in an ever-changing environment

Every day we hear about cyberattacks taking place globally. Cybercriminals are constantly adapting these attacks to catch you unawares.

It therefore remains each individual’s responsibility to think before they click or action an email, message or phone call that sounds slightly suspicious.

This year’s Cyber Security Symposium Africa is aimed at assisting and providing guidance to higher education institutions, companies and the public sector on how to to create information and cybersecurity awareness initiatives.

We have a range of speakers that will share their expertise on how you can change the cybersecurity culture in your organisation and inspire staff to protect your digital assets.

Join us in-person at CSSA 2023

We are pleased to announce that CSSA will once again
take place in-person.

We will announce our 2023 dates in due course.
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Upper Campus | University of Cape Town


Cybersecurity for any business!

Rethinking the approach to awareness communications, training and cybersecurity architectures toward securing business assets in a time of porosity.

Focus Areas

✓ Cybersecurity awareness as a culture
✓ Cybersecurity training
✓ Incident response
✓ Cyber hygiene
✓ Cloud security/vulnerabilities
✓ Ransomware
✓ Remote work
✓ People in cyber
✓ Emerging technologies
✓ Proactive vs reactive response

Should you require more information regarding speaker, sponsor or exhibition opportunities, please contact
Penny Thompson at conference@cssa.ac.za.