CSSA 2020 in times of COVID-19

We looked forward to bringing you a new and refreshed Cyber Security Symposium Africa this year. We had changed our format to give you a futuristic experience. Additionally, we wanted to get schools involved, because we realise the importance of equipping young people with knowledge about future job opportunities and providing them with the platform to learn and discover the importance of cybersecurity.
We considered postponing the event to later this year, however, due to the extensive but necessary COVID-19 safety requirements for conference venues and even at universities, it would not be feasible to have it face-to-face. We then considered having it online, but due to us wanting schools to still benefit from this experience, we have made the difficult decision to cancel CSSA 2020.
In its place though, we are planning to run a webinar series in October focusing on cybersecurity in the times of remote working and COVID-19. More information regarding the webinars will be communicated in due course.

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CSSA2021 - 7-9 July 2021

CSSA 2021

We will, however, be back with a bigger and better event next year.

Cyber Security Symposium Africa (CSSA) 2021 will take place on 7 - 9 July 2021 and we ask that you please save the date.

For now, stay safe and take care.

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Should you require more information regarding speaker, sponsor or exhibition opportunities, please contact
Penny Thompson at conference@cssa.ac.za.