Dates: 03-05 July 2019

Theme: Cybersecurity: Our shared responsibility

Our focus for 2019 is to get the message across that cybersecurity is no longer the responsibility of just one sector, but rather a risk that affects us all. Through CSSA 2019 we hope to show that by working together we can combat this ongoing risk.

Focus areas:

  • Cyber hygiene 101
  • Getting the basics right in digital usage
  • Awareness of cybersecurity risks leads to well-informed user choices
  • Protect and defend your personal and organisation’s data assets
  • Cybersecurity trends: current and emerging

About CSSA

Cybersecurity remains a global risk. Institutions are under constant pressure to ensure that their information and assets are protected and that the security measures they have in place can handle any potential cyberattacks.

The Cyber Security Symposium Africa (CSSA) is aimed at bringing together those in the security sector to share knowledge and ideas and identify possible collaborations.